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What should I pay attention to when buying a seagull mixer?

Time:2019-03-04 00:00:00
◆ When purchasing a machine, you must go to the factory to inspect it in person, and intuitively understand the production strength and scale of the company.
◆ Go to the factory to carefully observe the R&D capability, technical capability and service capability of the manufacturer team. More importantly, you can communicate your needs with the manufacturer so that you can buy the most ideal machine.
◆ Choose a manufacturer with a certain scale and strong strength to purchase, and have a professional R & D team to ensure the quality of the machine and provide perfect after-sales service.
◆The national standard of the seagull production machine is regularly inspected and issued by the National Food Service Machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and there is a complete production license. Assisted many large staple food production customers to obtain QS certification (national mandatory quality certification).

◆ Seagull will always provide customers with reliable, simple and easy to use food machinery.
◆ Concentrated areas with large population movements and densely populated street communities.
◆Good visibility (easy to see inside the store and inside the store, the store is unobstructed) easy to get in and out).
◆Water and electricity (capacity is sufficient) gas (natural gas, liquefied gas) tee, kitchen and bathroom sewage, exhaust, smoke is convenient.
◆The business area suitable for the local consumption environment and the store structure suitable for the catering industry. The store should be as open as possible without barriers, and optional residential stores.
◆The facade can be used for a long period of time (more than two years, it will not be demolished in the short term).
◆There are independent and wide thresholds for horizontal storefront signs and gables for vertical store signs.

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