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Mixing machine use and maintenance

Time:2019-04-19 00:00:00
Cleaning and maintenance
1. Always check the fasteners of each component during use, if it is loose and tightened in time;
2. The gear meshing area of the machine is lubricated with grease. Every half month refueling ##, there is powder metallurgy bearing bush in the bearing housing. Each shift must be filled with oil to the oil cup on the bearing housing twice, otherwise the shaft and the bearing bush will be self-supporting;
3. The amount of flour added in the dough should not exceed the capacity of the dough barrel to avoid burning the motor;
4. If the dough is found to be oily, repair it in time and replace the oil seal.
5. The machine should be cleaned in time after use, so as not to affect the re-use;
6. When cleaning, the height of the water in the dough barrel should not exceed the ## point of the shaft to prevent the water from overflowing from the shaft hole of the side plate of the side wall or flowing into the side plate interlayer to affect the service life;
7. This machine is an anti-drip type device. It is forbidden to clean with a spray pipe.

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