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Characteristic of Pressing Machine

Time:2011-06-27 00:00:00

Presser is a kind of food machine that mixes the flour and water evenly and replaces the traditional hand-rubbed noodles.

The product has advanced structure, convenient operation, beautiful appearance and high efficiency. All parts that touch food are made of stainless steel or treated by special surface. The dough and gluten after dough can be strengthened by repeated pressing. The light belt pulley is used to drive the chain after deceleration. The structure is compact, the operation is convenient and the power is strong. Hoppers and adapters are clean, safe and durable. Low noise, high efficiency, used to make noodles, Yuntong skin, pastries, bread and other pastry products. It is a special machine for making noodles. It rubs and rolls the processed flour repeatedly, giving full play to the power of flour gluten, greatly increasing the pressure and performance strength of noodles, and achieving a good effect of boiling resistance and durability. It meets the requirements of national hygiene standards and is suitable for making noodles in hotels, restaurants, food processing factories, unit canteens and individual catering industries.

The surface pressing machine greatly reduces the labor intensity of the staff.

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