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Safety Technical Regulations for Mixers

Time:2011-06-18 00:00:00

    Haiou industry and trade reminds us that we must be careful when contacting machines. We must follow the safety technical regulations, as well as dough machines.

    Operators should wear labor protection articles, tighten cuffs and corners, keep the rope tightly and tightly off, and keep the hair in the working cap; all shifts must designate special persons familiar with the performance of the equipment to use; before opening and doughing machine, check whether the electrical parts are well insulated, whether the motor is reliable to ground, and strictly prohibit wetting. Press the switch button by hand. If there is any problem, please ask the electrician to deal with it.

    According to the machine regulation, the first mixing noodles are put into dry flour, no overload transportation; regular refueling according to the machine maintenance requirements; when mixing noodles, the lid of the box should be covered. Never put your hand or other hard objects into the face bucket to avoid dangerous accidents; when taking out the face, you must cut off the power, tilt the casing after the power cut and mix, and then take it out again. Once you can't get it clean, you must cut it off with a knife, and then go to order the car. You can't touch the rotating parts and find any noise, loosening, impurities, or other people; when running, you can't touch the rotating parts to order the car. When the vibration is abnormal, the parking should be checked and repaired.

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