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Cautions for Seagull Electric Machine and Flour Machine

Time:2011-06-18 00:00:00

Electric and flour machine belongs to a kind of pasta machinery, which mainly mixes flour and water evenly. Seagulls and dough machines have vacuum and non-vacuum. It can be divided into horizontal, vertical, uniaxial, biaxial and half-axis.

    Cautions for Use of Electric and Flour Machine

    1. The price of dough mixer should be increased 2-3 times per shift by adding proper amount of lubricating oil to the oil holes or cups.

    2. Turn on the power supply and check the direction of rotation. (The agitator turns back.)

    3. The operation should be smooth and sound-free.

    4. After running empty car for 30 minutes, the firmware will be checked and then the work will be carried out.

    5. All of them adopt gear deceleration transmission structure, which has the advantages of simple structure, compact structure, easy operation, no complicated maintenance and long service life.

    6. Noodle bucket, using stainless steel material and special surface treatment, professional and dough machine absolutely meet the hygienic standards. And dough machine installation and debugging;

    7. The four feet of the machine shall be leveled, multi-function and surface machine shall be used to reduce vibration; the ground wire shall be connected at the bottom of the frame (equipotential terminal) to prevent leakage;

 8. Check whether the fasteners are loose or not, and check whether the power switch is in good condition.

 9. Adding proper amount of lubricating oil to the gear;

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