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What is the principle of slicing and cutting machine?

Time:2019-01-13 00:00:00
The slicing device of the slicing and cutting machine is used for slice of hard vegetables, and the thickness is freely adjusted within 1-10 mm. The reciprocating vertical knife cuts the sliced ​​vegetables or soft vegetables into straight silk or segments, curved silk and squared conveying. With a movement distance of 1-20 mm per movement free adjustment. The amount of adjustment is the width of the wire segment. It should be noted that when the diameter of the cut vegetables is relatively large, it is necessary to have a filming effect of more than 30 mm, which is convenient for dicing, and the tablets or diced pieces having a small diameter will be disordered. The processed surface of the cut vegetables is smooth, regular, well-organized, and maintains the effect of manual cutting. The surface is deeply polished and brushed. The cutting and cutting machine gear transmission has low noise and stable operation of the equipment to ensure the physical and mental health of the operator. It is specially quenched and processed, and the cutting does not damage the fibrous tissue of the food. The cut surface is neat, fresh, thin and even. When the material is pressed by the feeder to the movable cutter head, the movable cutter disc cuts the material into a sheet shape, and then the inclined surface under the movable cutter disc blade presses the sheet to the fixed cutter disc, and the parallel arranged blades or squares on the fixed cutter disc are fixed. The blade divides the sheet into strips or granules and then dials out the tray.

The slicing and cutting machine has the advantages of small size, high efficiency and complete functions. It has beautiful appearance, compact structure, simple operation, reliable work and complete functions. According to the processing needs of customers, different types of knives are configured to meet the diversity of customers' needs. Cm large feed port, large capacity, high work efficiency, high output, face a lot of meat, do not know how to deal with it, the best way is to use slicing, cutting machine. This kind of equipment can make people no longer have to worry about this problem, and it is easy to cut and process tons of vegetables. Therefore, this kind of equipment is a good helper for people, but it is necessary to pay attention to it in many aspects when using it. Otherwise, the slicing and cutting machine will have a strike phenomenon. The meat should be cleaned first, especially if you don't put any hard things in the meat, like stones, because these hard things can cause very serious damage to the blade when cutting.

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