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Electric Noodle Machine-DSS-200M
  • Electric Noodle Machine-DSS-200M

The electric noodle machine is the latest patented product developed by our company. It is a special noodle press with all the functions and features of ordinary ones, and it is more convenient to operate. It adopts a brand-new structural design and uses the adjusting handle to press and cut the noodles without removing the blade. Make noodle pressing extremely convenient and fast. The thickness of the pressing surface can be adjusted freely between 1-5mm. The machine is powerful, not only can press noodles, wonton wrappers and dumpling wrappers. It can also be repeatedly kneaded and pressed to form a very thick dough, which can be used to make buns, steamed buns and other pasta. The machine has a gorgeous red stainless steel shell and a durable stainless steel dough roller, and a stainless steel dough cutter is optional. It is widely used in hotels, restaurants, noodle shops and families to make noodles.

Item No.:DSS-200M

Modle DSS-150M DSS-180M DSS-200M
Power( (W) 550 550 550
dough thickness mm 0.1-4 0.1-4 0.1-4
voltage V 220V 220V 220V
Feature Belt drive Belt drive Belt drive
color Red Red Red

Out package size (CM)

31.5×30.7×35 39×34.5×40 41.5×35×41